The truth is out there.

It should've been beautiful, Ruben and me are together for six months today. Forget it, I don't think things could be any worse. I found my energy again thanks to all my supporting readers of course.
Let me write down what happened.
The day started with Ruben coming way too late to my house. So, I called him and he was kind of being hysterical on the phone. It seemed that his parents were reading my journal since a week. Now, they want to takke my journal ax a legal issue, and they demand that 1/ the pictures of me and ruben will be deleted, 2/ they are mad and going crazy about the depressing and/or suicidal entries I write (I mean, it's my journal and I write about myself what I like), 3/ they will forbid me from naming Ruben, 4/ that my opinion about them is illegal (hey, get real, Belgium is a free country where anyone is entitled to have his peronal opinion) and 5/ they're close to forbidding Ruben and me from seeing each other. Another thing his parents did last week was inviting their friends and so to come read all about my journal, the funny thing is that they found it fascinating to read and of course extremely sensational. What the heck, ok so I put my journal offline, but viewable in RSS and on an invisible notify list, so I can keep my true readers posted. know that from 16 on you have a legal mouth, and that they can't force Ruben in any kind of way. Long live justtice. Tomorrow evening, we have an appointment with Nicole, somebody of the police know. We hope she'll give us some legal advice on what to do. Tomorrow we are also going to the doctor's to let him write something down on Ruben's depression. So that, if it ever would be necesary (probably) to go to court, he'll have some emational proof against his parents. Another thing is that we will call Special Youth Care to talk about teking this whole mess to court. It should also be legally possible to ask the judge for Ruben, who's 16, to have the right of an 18 year old.
Ruben's best friend came to my housedoor yesterday - while the gate was closed - Thomas came to tell ruben what a bad boy he was for loving me and missing me while they were on a holiday, he blackguarded me and he made Ruben break. It was bad, Ruben almost fainted, figurarily speaking. Seemed to be that Ruben's dad came to Thomas his parent to blackguard me about my journal. Indeed, a whole week long a fake grotesmurf - Ruben's nick - was spotted on my site, but we thought it was Ruiben's ex trying to tease me, but it seems that were his parents checking my journal over tenn times a day - the freaks. I don't believe there yet existss a word for that kind of low, sick and foolish people. But I call them conservatives. They ever are afraid of talking to me on the phne, asking for Ruben, and then giving him a message to tell me.
Feel free to place comments on my little chat (http://users.skynet.be/aphrodidi/temp.htm), please use nicknames when referring to people I've written about, you may se your real nickname though.
Now you'll have to excuse me, but I really need to get some sleep. I'll write some more tomorrow. I bed the paparazzi would kill people, just to have this sensational story. I'm busy with reading my journal over, to make it legal. If you are patient I will have my personal domain name and a completely legal and wonderful journal online up and running suite soon.
I give my love and appreciation to you all and I will keep my supporters in honour. I am so grateful.

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