This shitty story of people around us trying to break us up has already gotten a sequel. It is so schrieking to see some people making such a fool of themselves. People who come to my domailn to try to break my love with Ruben or try to blackguard even one of us in any kind of way ever again, I will kick out. I didn't do that today because I don't think it is up to me to interfere with Ruben's so-called friends. But since they seem to think they have every right to tell us what to do, I think it may be necesary to do that the next time. Today we found out the fifth group of people who are trying to destroy, first of all our relationship, and secondly our holiday. I'm simply sick of these kind of low people, and they can simply fuck off, because nothing on earth will ever destroy our love, it's stronger than ever. I don't feel hurted, I do stand above shitty people like that, as you allready knew of course. But be sure of it, it doesn't matter if we are forbidden to see eachother or something - though we obviously hope it'll never come to that - we have enough power and the right absolutely on our side to keep ourr love in honour. I just laugh that kind of people right in the face. I find it sad, and I feel compassion for them. Nobody is going to make Ruben harm himself. I understand Ruben's dillemma, but it's burning me out to hear people gossipping around about me, while blackguarding me. What on earth could ever be an excuse for saying that Ruben is a bad person, and that he follows me blindly, threatening to make things worse for us? No, I believe that people should stop figuring out the figures, and start respecting us and the love we share, and if they can't, what a pity for them.
I've told everybody before that I:

  1. will not appreciate any kind of interfering with my relationship, especially when it is in a sick way
  2. will never tolerate people or so-called friends destroying the one I love
  3. hate some people coming to my home when they haven't got an appointment with me and especially when they're not coming for me, but for Ruben - while he doesn't live here - to complain about me and to blackguard him
  4. write my journal as a form of expression therapy and that everything I write is my honest opinion about things, I do tolerate critiscism as long as they do not interfere with my life
  5. can't stand idiots

By the way, I found my comb, when taking a towel from a high place, so I was right, she put it there without taking my abillities in consideration - but that's the least of my worries now.

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