It's my life.

First of all, all people that came in the house today, I kicked out in a friendly way of course.
Then I spilled some juice on my keyboard, which obviously could only happen to one as handy as me. Goddamn, and now I'm sitting behind our other PC, but my life, my writings, all of my stuff is on my other PC. And this one just isn't so comfortable for me. I can't type on this keyboard. I hate this, I've broken some five keyboards before this way.
Tomorrow afternoon Ruben is coming back. These eight days have been on the verge of unbearable for both of us. Hearing him so sad and everyone there is angry at him. So of course his parents will find that out, and we can only wait and see what happens next, like what his parents are going to find out next to break us up. Will there be a time when nobody will try to be in charge over our feelings? Why can't we fairy tale on? Is my love for him such a bad thing?

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B By coincidence I found your diary on the net, I clicked on the link because I saw some resemblance in the title with a book I really loved (author Jeremy Leven). Your diary proved to be something completely different. I do not really know why I will post this comment, normally I do not do this. I do not know what to tell you, but you have, for what's it worth, my sympathy, and I really think that things will turn out okay for you, how stupid this may sound or look like in your site, but I mean it.

Gepost door: B | 09-08-03

thx thank you, i do appreciate this more than you know :)

Gepost door: didi | 09-08-03

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