Thinking in this warmth.

Yesterday night I really felt sick becuause of the warmth. Though I stay inside all day because it's even hotter outside. I slept with my ventilator on, but I don't think it made some difference.
Yesterday I started to reread the lessons for my exam and today I finished the exam. So, I guess I'll be getting my diploma in a month. I already have the basics diploma, now I'll get one for specialisation in counselling. Nice title, I wonder which course I'll be doing next: colour therapy or hypnotising. Haven't decided yet.
I'm sick of hearing all about other's holidays. I haven't got the money nor the chance to go on the holiday I want. Others may have the fun they wnt, as long as they don't tell me all about it because I just don't want to hear it.
I thought about publishing my journal, but it's going to be aa hell of a work to correct all the mistakes and stuff, so that's not going to happen any soon, if it ever will. So, I think I'll better keep on writing on my second autobiography.
I have a presentiment that I'm going to be annoying to Ruben when he'll be back. I haven't figured out the reason yet.
I think I should go to Glasgow, where I lived for three years, don't know why exactly, but I feel that I should go there sometime.
Mica is silent, the warmth makes it too difficult to make a sound like miauw.

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ik ken dat vakantiegevoel ik ken dat vakantiegevoel, wij hebben thuis geen geld voor vakantie en het is zo irri om dan a) naar mensne hun vakantiedingen te moeten luisteren of b) moeten aanhoren dat mensen zueren "omdat ze dit jaar alleen maar naar zuid frankrijk gaan"

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