Pricy love.

Guess how much Ruben spent by calling and sms'ing me in July and this week? No less than €250. Crazy, just crazy. I always pay the half of it anyway, but it' s just crazy. i told him that I'm always going to love him, how much he costs anyway. I meant that in a joke kind of way of course. But maybe now you'll see that we can't bear to be apart, not even for a moment. Anyhow, if he wasn't so far, it wouldn't have been so expensive. And he's not home untill Saturday.

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phonebill... My boyfriend and me phone each other a lot too. The bill from the end of may till the middle of July was 1100 Pounds... Lol... so now we're using our mobile phones :p But that's just very much now isn't it?
I just say... Love has no price ;)

Gepost door: Lena | 06-08-03

Know what you mean... My girlfriend and I live 200 kilometers apart and mostly we only see eachother during weekends, so we know all about phone bills. Luckily we can e-mail at work and sometimes even chat if we feel like it... But still, we want to hear eachother's voice every day.

Gepost door: Weirdomusic | 07-08-03

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