Heavy stuff.

I just got a parcel by mail , from Germany. It were the fcour books I ordered online at amazon.de. There is so much to do online, enough to spend a lifetime online. I love it, it's easy, especially for me because I can't go shopping whenever I like.
I bought four books of the excellent writer Elizabeth Würtzel :

  • Prozac Nation, young and depressed in America
    Which I already read in Dutch: Het Land van Prozac, alles mee en toch depressief. Elizabeth Würtzel is an awesome writer. Very heavy, very honest, very me alike. She writes her misery down in a fantastic and funny way. I recognized myself in her story, it's her autobiography, but she actually could have written my life down.
  • Bitch, in praise of difficult women
  • Radical Sanity, commonsense for uncommon women
  • More, Now, Again

I'm happy to have this great lecture in front of me. It'll be some heavy reading because she uses some difficult and long sentences, with a meaning in every single word of it.

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Ordering online... Ordering books, CDs, records, DVDs, etc. online is coool... And it's easy to get hooked! I buy almost all my stuff online at Amazon and Ebay. Love it!

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