Cry for my daddy.

I received a Hallmark postcard today. A cute one. With some delay A stamp of the United Kingdom. It must be from my daddy. On the envelope is written Fae and Tae inside a heart with an arrow through it. That surely are Scottish words, but I don't know what they mean... On the back of the envelope waas written I will call sometime. By Hallmark there was printed on a light blue envelope Out of the blue. And that is so true. On the card inside was printed Pigs are flying...and you've finally heard from me! The letter has been sent the 24th of July and the was a huge sticker on it with Delayed. I'vz felt all possible emotions today. And most of all I felt like crrying, no sadness or happiness, but overwhellming. In the card was written HI Jody, I got your message 6 months later (the 16th of February this year, I wrote him a huge letter, you can read it in my archive, which, it seems, he got 6 months later), daddy PS: see you soon and as for the rest I couldn't read it very well. Wow. Overhelmed. Emotional. Speechless. Here is nobody I can talk to about it, I need it so to be held and to talk about it...
I coloured my hair in henna (red) today again. My hair feels healthy and beautiful, nice red.
I would have done with Kim what I had planned, if Ruben didn't mess with my plans in Spain! He'd better hasn't and if he has, I'm just going to be so mad.

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wow! Your dad has written you back? Wow!
I hope you hear from him soon on the phone, and you see him soon and he can be your friend. I hope he will be able to support you.

Gepost door: Lena | 04-08-03

- euh... gen zorge didi... i didn't mess with your plans... berichtje kon ni aankome, nr zat in me gsm ma zonder +32... ma kwou je gewoon helpe, kvind zo laag en laf, en kvind beu dak er nix aan kan doen van hier uit spanje. wie het ook mag zijn, de timing is gemeen gekoze, juist als we ni bij elkaar zen. ma ja, als iemand denkt da da ons uit elkaar drijft, is die toch ook wel mis ;o) (we denken aan niemand...)

ti amo snoezie ***************************************

Gepost door: rub | 04-08-03

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