Last night, when Ruben left, I chatted with Bart. Bart is my ex and my first real true love. The last time that I heard of him, was last year when we saw eachother agaiin one night in November. Last week, he sent me a mail (a forward) and so I noticed he had msn too, so I added him. With no intention at all. It's so strange, we just could talk like in the old times. I don't know ifc he had never broken up with me, if I eventually would have. We were looking back to our beautiful memories. I'm sure he'll always be in my heart somewhere, it was truly a special someone, but now there is Ruben and it doedsn't matter what ever will happen, he'll stay even more close to me because I feel that he is the one I'm going to spend my life with.This noon Ruben and me went to the supermarket, the optician and to other little things, which had to be done. Then we cooked a little thing for ourselves, tonight we will too, and we'll also watch another movie together, Contact with Jodie Foster. Last day was quite funny, Ruben worked a bit on my wheelchair, a few adaptations that make it easier for me to sit in it. We do have a fantastic time alone in this house, doing everything by ourselves. Oh and this morning we went lokin g to that studio and the door was open, there wasn't anyone but we went looking to the space and it looks nice. There's not yet a kitchen or toilet or zo in it, so it's the perfect time for me to speak with the letter.

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