Beautiful things.

Ruben was here when we waved my parents and my brothers goodbye. I shed a few tears. Not really becouse I was sad, but because I didn't know what else to do. I'm a bit too emotional sometimes. That's also a diffecult someone to be. I'll miss Ira, especially him and I long to hold him in my arms again.
Then Ruben and me talked a bit about what had to be done (feeding the chickens and the geese and my cat of course, watering the plants, shopping for food and stuff). The practical side, good preparation for when we go living together.
We also went to the optician. Ruben's glasses broke in Norway, so he quickly needed a new one, so he went buying one. Afterwards, we went to rent a video, Schrek, I saw it already and I wanted to see it together with him. We watched it tonight, we enjoyed seeing it in eachother's company.
How wonderful this is, having a large house and a great garden to ourselves for a monnth. This morning we filled my pool with hot water, maybe tomorrow we'll go in it.
This afternoon when we were 'making love', I suddenly started to cry. Because I love him more than words can say and I missed him, and I'm not exactly looking forward to miss him again from Friday on. It was the most beautiful moment I've spend with him. I can't even comprehend it. The most beutiful feeling of love in this exisence. It never happened to me before, I just love him with all my heart.

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- was bijzonderste moment ooit... love you so much didi ********************************************************************

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