In need of some wish.

Monday in the morning, my mum, Johan and my three brothers are leaving on a holiday for a month. With the camping car to Southern France, Spain and the Basque Country (my three brothers are named: Roebi Jan Sebastian, Ilya Sam Sebastian and Ira San Sebastian, to our favourite Basque City San Sebastian; we didn't want to give them second and third names, but because their names are unisex, the law of Belgium says that you have to give your child a second name which has to be obviously male or female; I was born before that law, though Jody is unisex too and to my opinion more male than female, I have no other names, by the way a few years ago I had an internet date with a boy of the same age called Jody). So I'll have the house to myself a whole month. It'll do me good, because now it's quite hectical with my younger brothers playing here with their friends. It'll be nice to have some silence around again.
Ruben is supposed to come untill Friday (with his sleeping breaks at home of couse, because his mum doesn't seem to understand that sex can happen every hour of the day, speaking of conservatism...). Then Ruben is going to Spain for a week - that week my grandmother is staying (in case I starve I bet she'll buy a whole food shop again) - and for the rest of the month Ruben again should be here to feed the chickens and stuff and off course to be with me. My mum forbid (sort of) my grandmother to come whenever Ruben is here, because she'd keep an eye on what wed're doing together, and she isn't supposed to tell me what to do and what not to do, and she won't let me do what I do without preachin, and I'm almost 22.

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