Refreshing girl.

One day, a few years ago (in the students' home in Gent) Ello (Ellen, some four years younger than me, but already mature at that time) and me met, we were zo alike in a way and from the first moment on we got along so well. When our friendship started we began blogging eachother letters (that was the beginning of January 2001). We were hugfriends in a way too. Anyway, last night we met on the chat again. It was a happy chat for both I think. I'm so happy she's around again, I mean, the good people will always return to one another. And she's a fantastic girl (and the first and only girl I was in love with for a while - I don't quite know if she 'really' knew that, but it's true). In May she got diagnosed with Spasmofily, a bit like CFS, but doing fysiotherapy seems to help her a lot, and she'll probably feel better next year.
Ok, so tomorrow I'm to the Gentse feesten with Johan and the kids, but if I'm awake early enough, we'll go to see Anja and her baby first. I made her a card today. Then we'll try to go and meet mum for lunch, and in the afternoon I'll go looking for a silver earring for Ruben and then we'll go to the child animation for the kids.
Ruben, hearing him on the phone and knowing that he is a few thousend miles away... It's hard not to cry, I feel my haart skipping a beat when he says bye. I just never seem to have something to tell him, my words don't come out, but I love him!

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did! shush! I read this and I started blushing and then my mom was going "what's up?"

lol :) meanwhile, that's a crappy pic of me ;)

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