'Gentse feesten'.

Can you believe it? When I am too excited, I get depressed. Because I miss the only one who can make my excitement optimal. Ruben, who else? Lots of people think he's too young for this kind of serious relationship, but we are the only ones who feel that our emotions towards eachother are true and we both honestly believe that a love like ours doesn't exist among others. And that's exactly how you should be thinking in your unique relationship. Anyway, I'm not going to spend any time in convincing others this is an endless relationshîp.
This noon we went to visit Anja and her baby. It touched me again to hold such a sweet, little baby in my arms. It makes me a bit jealous to see all of those young couples who are looking so happy with their first baby. I really want babies of myself (and Ruben) and i want them in the next three years. My mum was 19 when she got me, this year she got 41 after Ira (February 7th) was born.
Anja offered us all a drink, to honour Nello, I asked a cherry geneva and I got quite a glass. I had forgotten not to drink too much with those muscle relaxants I take lately. So, in the car I was so relaxed, that I almost fell asleep. But hey, no harm was done, and I was fit again very soon. We went for lunch together with mum, she works with her mum so she can go for lunch most of the time.
We then went looking for an earring for Ruben, we found one, I bought one. Then my brothers started to ask for one too. Ilya (8 years old, he got an earring shot as a Christmas present, two years ago), he lost his earring and so he just wanted to have a new earring. Roebi (8 years old) wanted to have an earring shot, like his brother, today. And well, since I have six earrings, a belly button piercing and a tattoo, I couldn't find something more I could do to myself.
After that we went to child animation and stuff, and three times Johan and me drove with the bumper scooters. Roebi wanted my wheelchair to have a balloon, so all afternoon I had a balloon attached to my wheelchair, wich I kept for little Ira.
We went direction car, we stopped to get a drink and then I got an sms from Ruben, and then someone came to me and asked me if I was didi. What a nice surprise, and coincedence to meet someone of Antwerp in Gent. It was Steffest, who by the way made me a script to adapt the lay-out of my comments. He also is a blogger, and he reads my journal too, so he recognized me (or my flashy wheelchair) from my picture. Lovely to meet him that way.
I'm a little bit afraid Ruben will say that because I had 'fun' today, that he's going to demand that he'll have fun in Spain himself. I won't be stopping him from having fun...
This evening he was crying again (when he does that, his mum assumes that we have a fight, blah, always having her prejudices), his mum said that 'somehow it must be that you really like that girl'. Come on, since when does he have to prove that he likes me? All people would have figured that one out by now, but not hiss parents off course. They seem ro hold on to the ridiculous thought that they can still break us up. Which is nonsense, because I'm never letting him go.

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just stop listening to that mother, only see her as the mother of your boyfriend, nothing more, but nothing less either so that she will never be able to call you names...

and btw: why shouldn't someone in a relationship be allowed to have fun without the other one huh ;)

nice to hear you met steffest btw :)

Gepost door: Robbedoeske | 24-07-03

think twice of course you miss him, of course it hurts, of course it isn't pleasant to be alone. now think about this, a couple of weeks ago I went to a funeral of some girl, she was 21, just like you and her boyfriend was sitting in the mass, a total wreck, just gazing at the coffin. at one moment the guy had to read some lines in front, you know a short text written down, but he didn't read the text, instead he declared his gratitude towards the girl for loving him, for understanding him, for allowing him to be a part of her life as a person and as a lover and most of all to tell her that she will always be with him in his hart and his mind. this i find saddening, you however, i'm sorry, but i find a bit egocentric. imagine yourself in about sixteen years, with your own child, wouldn't you like your kid to tag along when you're going abroad, maybe to give him the opportunity to explore countries and cultures he or she doesn't know? now you’re both fixed on being apart, which isn't pleasant, believe me i know, but is also interfering with new experiences you or your boyfriend might have. wouldn't it be nice when he comes home and he can share the most amazing stories with you about his trip, that he can tell you just what norway or spain is all about and that you can listen, learn about his experiences and create an image of the world instead of claiming behind your screen that everybody except you is shallow and doesn't think twice about what is going on around them and in the world as a whole. and i’m sure you know the saying “if you love somebody, let him go, if he comes back, he’s yours, if he doesn’t, he never was”. in closing, be happy with what you got, even if you can’t treasure it every moment of your live, you still know you’ll be able to in a matter of time, some people can’t anymore.
ps you said 'love concurs everything', believe in the saying you stated yourself and stop worying it won't.

Gepost door: Not important | 25-07-03

Suprise Hey Didi,
What a pleasant suprise to meet you yesterday.
You have a nice smile.
Having a "live" image of you in my head now, it's (even) more interesting to read your blog.
Maybe we'll bump into eachother again someday.
see you !

Gepost door: Steffest | 25-07-03

to not important I wouldn't force my child to go on a holiday when he'd rather be with his gf

Gepost door: ello | 25-07-03

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