Money, money, money...

Aargh, a month ago I had to send a lot of money to my mum's account, but in my rush I sent €1000 too much, and well that is a lot. Immediately after she sent it 'back', because my account was under zero. Now, I've been under zero for€220 and I still didn't get the €1000! So, you can imagine I was pretty mad at my mum I guess - I know it was my mistake in the first place. What did she do, she did send it to another account, but to one of her own. Anyway, she'll put the cash on my account today, and let's hope I won't have too much costs...
I had a nightmare this night, probably because I saw La vita è bella with Ruben, that makes it quite funny, because that's not the kind of movie you'd have a bad dream about. I dreamt that I was a non-German speaking Jew in a German concentrationcamp. I met a German Jew, and we both tried to hida and escape in a labyrynth of hallways, with lots of doors and closets. But after a while we lost our way and I hid myself apart behind a door. When I didn't detect any noise, I opened the door and I looked into the eyes of a (handsome) German office, next to who the German Jew was sitting. The officer told me that he wouldn't shoot me and he gave me two names of other Jew-friendly officers from which I could get help also. And then I woke up.
I recieved the bill of my new wheelchair: €68,68. Seems that the rest has been paid back by the RIZIV (some service of the mutuality). Well, I didn't buy a very outstanding wheelchair like my previous one, it's a quite standard one that I only took one option with for wich I have to pay myself.

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