I wasn't supposed to,

I wasn't supposed to cry on the phone all the time: I even didn't mean to, but I did. Ruben said it broke his haert. It breaks my haert too when so much of a distance is in between us. I could barely say 'hello", and I couldn't tell him "sweet dreams". He calls every night, and each day we sms a bit. I love him so much, I can't explain, I wonder if I can even comprehend it myself. He's haing a terrible time, his mum is nagging that he is so antisocial and only interested in internet and his mobile. In fact, it's only me he's interested in. I miss him so, and he misses me just as much, that makes it double so hard. He's sleeping with my bear in his arms now, if only I could kiss him sweet dreams.

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Bright side of things... you know, this will make you realise (again) much more how much you love eachother...

on the other hand, maybe it's not that bad to be separated once, this will give both of you the time to overthing things, and when this is over, you both will know that you're sure that you really want to be together...

Gepost door: Robbedoeske | 21-07-03

... we've already been seperated twice before and afterthis he's home for five days and gone again for a week...

Gepost door: didi | 21-07-03

in that case... i was trying to cheer you up ;)

Gepost door: Robbedoeske | 21-07-03

- Hey snoes, kmis je echt wel, iedere dag opnieuw. Khoop da dagen wa rapper beginne gaan... Ma na morge zitte we over de helft eh. Tel je nog altij af me me chocoladerepe? En hoe ist me je lijn ;o)
Bah, tis ier zo kou buite,"gelukkig" zitte we meeste tijd in de auto. Over precies e week zit ik al hele dag bij je... Kijk er zo erg na uit om weer in je arme te ligge...
Kzie je zo graag **************************************

Gepost door: rub | 21-07-03

- En thx aan iedereen die comment hier en op de shoutbox, kweet hoeveel Didi daar aan heeft!

Dikke knuf vo me snoes *************

Gepost door: rub | 21-07-03

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