This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

I mean, excuse me, but sometimes the only people with brains are the people t hat are different from the majority of people. We think and we reflect about things. They great majority amongst what is supposed to be humanity. The real human -someone who dares to feel feelings - suffers in this world of abusive people. This world was never meant for people like us, we are too human and we'd be happier on a planet of our own. Remember the flower power in the sixties. Net thing I dream of: make love, not war! The world will change whe peope like me and you die, but they'll forget it soon enough. If only we had a magic drink so that we would live on forever... Cut the crap you'd say? Then I'll say the same back to you. Nobody will hear us, but eentually they will - it's only a matter of being beautiful and true. Maybe they will come to their senses when it is too late, maybe it'll be sooner, but keep your mind as it is and live or kill yourself - what's the difference?
Ruben says that I sounded very good on the phone, but in fact I'd rather cry And there still are 8 days to go. I miss him, I love him, I think of him, I dream of him - all the time - he is always on my mind...

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kisses for you here again, my favourite song :). I'm here in Norway and I am thinking of you too all the time. I miss holding you in my arms.
Liefs voor mijn eeuwige en enigste snoes didi.

Gepost door: rub | 20-07-03

eternal life... in my opinion:

it's s not only an illusion, a utopia, but it'ss also a bad thing to happen

if we would live forever, we wouldn't be amazed, surprised by the beauty of life anymore... death is an essential part of life, without death, you can't live your life fully... therefore i do not fear dead, but i see it as the completion of a circle...

please note that i am NOT katholic/christian/reformed/... i am an atheist, i only believe that god/allah/buddha/... is a name that people give to things they can't explain

I believe God exists for the ones who believe in god, for them, he exists because they believe in him, at the same time, for me, he does not exist, because i don't believe in this suppreme being...

but i'm going completely off topic now... ;)

Gepost door: Robbedoeske | 20-07-03

Nog slechts acht dagen Ach Didi, natuurlijk mis je hem, dat is heel normaal, ook dat je daar verdriet over hebt. Maar je weet tenminste dat je hem na die vakantie terugziet. Dus heb je toch iets om naar uit te kijken.

Tussen haakjes: wat heb je met de lay-out van je blog uitgespookt? :-)


Patrick aka Librarian

Gepost door: Librarian | 20-07-03

mm ja die layout verandert soms ma ik pas ze trug aan zodra ik het zie, denk dat dat nog een foutje is van skynet
acht dagen, ja ma tis zo lastig, daarna zie ik hem vijf dagen en daarna is hij weer een volledige week weg, snik
tis echt rot en zeker nu zijn ouders zich niet eens ;beseffen hoe vreselijk hij zich wel voelt...

Gepost door: didi | 20-07-03

looks familiar Your idea of the wourld that's never meant for people like us looks very familiar to me, what the family of Ruben is doing to you to. And oh, I also call my girlfriend snoes :-)

Gepost door: Valentijn | 20-07-03

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