Buongiorno principessa!

This noon Ruben came to take me to his house because his parents and all were out. Together we put some food in the microwave, both lunch and dinner. Before dinner, I had an Amaretto (very fond of that lately) and he had some Pisang.
The afternoon we spent in the couch, because I didn't feel like doing a lot and it was too hot outside (I can't believe it, it's the first year I know of in Belgium that the sun actually is shining so much). For the first time in a while we watched a movie again, now we watched La vita è bella. It's a very nice and touching movie, with a beautiful theme. I really enjoyed the movie. Afterwards we had a talk about the theme and the war in Iraq and things like that.
And then we spent some firework-moments in the couch... And tomorrow we are going to the sea for a swim and to lie in the sun.

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fouten what's Nelgium and what's the xun???

Gepost door: iemand die het goed meent | 14-07-03

enjoy I hope you will enjoy jourself on the seaside. me myself work in knokke a few weeks now and i hadn't had the oppertunity yet to see the sea allthough i like it. I like to swim in the open sea. it gives you the feeling that you are really small. and somethimes i enjoy that feeling; it keeps me with both feets on the ground. and especialy when somebody hurted me, i like to swim. cuz i now that that wasn't the end of the world and that i still have a life after that. so now you probably know who i am. i visited your site several times now. just know i dont blame you for nothing. i still consider you as my friend and i hope it stays that way.
sweet greetz F.

Gepost door: / | 15-07-03

:) thank you :)
i wish you very nice moments in knokke
good luck my friend :)

Gepost door: didi | 15-07-03

Read and answer please... after reading all of your nonsense, I think you have a really sick mind. AND ANSWER! You have an abusive mind. Is this really true love? Ruben, think about it. We care about you and we love you. You know us better than you think.

Gepost door: simpie | 16-07-03

:) even idiots are entitled to their opinion, so i wo n't delete it
cowards don't tell their name either :)

Gepost door: didi | 16-07-03

My answer simpie,

if I really know you that well, I'm sure you'll understand Dutch, so I'll continue in Dutch.

Ik denk dak zelf wel kan beslissen wat ik voel en wat anderen voor mij voelen. Als je zogezegd geeft om mij, zou je niet anoniem posten. En als je mij wil contacteren, kan je dat per e-mail doen, vergeet je naam niet te vermelden.

Jody uit haar echte gevoelens en gedachten voor iedereen die het lezen wil, op een eerlijke manier. Als je wil dat ik luister naar JOUW nonsens, wees dan ook eerlijk en zeg gewoon wie je bent!

Gepost door: grotesmurf | 16-07-03

chatten simpie,

als je wil me mij prate doe je da best per e-mail, ik zit nie constant op deze site dus ik ben er niet altijd als je op de shoutbox iets zegt. Trws, als ik iets zeg op de shoutbox krijg ik ook nix trug.
Wat bedoel je met die zogezegde zelfmoordplannen, waar haal je dit vandaan?? Komaan, doe es normaal, en wees es open.

Anders, morgen rond 17 u op de shoutboc (chat op blog)?

Gepost door: grotesmurf | 17-07-03

chat OK, we zullen er zijn.

Gepost door: simpie | 17-07-03

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