I go on.

I slept, I woke up and I carried on.
This world was never meant to be for me.  I'm not as human as others, or maybe I'm more human than others, I don't know.  Where to draw the line anyway?
I don't want to see Ruben today.  There is so much going through my mind.  Everything is too much for me.  It's all not meant for me anyway.  I can't be happy with something that is so much more better than me, no way, because I've never deserved it either.
I want to be alone, nobody around, in the darkness.
I don't feel like answering Ruben's sms-es, I need to be alone in mind too.
I'm going away for a few hours, but this afternoon I'll write some more down.  Maybe then it will be more coherent what I'll write down.  Now, I'm going before I start crying.

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After the rain After the rain is gone the sun will shine through ! I am going through hard times myself for the moment but I KNOW that things will get better again. Life is just too good not to enjoy it. Carpe Diem ! Tom C.

Gepost door: Tom C. | 11-07-03

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