Can't take this much longer.

I'm not worth a thing, I'm not even worth being with Ruben.  I want things I can't get, while I get already more than I could have ever deserved.  I was never supposed to fall in love with a human, because I always long more.  If only I could sleep forever.  Today, I slept all day with Ruben next to me.  I had this terrible migraine and I just needed to get a lot of rest.  It was a couple of awful last days and I knew I still had to pay price someday.
My new wheelchair arrived today.  But I can't help not being that happy about it.

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jesus christ... leave ruben alone, he deserves better than you...

Gepost door: bla | 11-07-03

? I can decide myself, thx :oS

Gepost door: rub | 14-07-03

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