Sexual education?

Come on.  Nowadays, everybody should be open about sex.  For example, yesterday evening Ruben's father was using the word potence.   Ruben's sister of 12 asked to her mum what potence is.  She said that dad would explain it to her.  He said thet potence is the man's power, which off course is a bit true but not fully.  If they use that kind of words when 12 year olds are listening, then they should be given a proper explanation, otherwise they shouldn't use that word.  Moreover, when a 12 year old thinks of the man's power, they immediately think of armpower and stuff, and that is not true.
I mean, sex is far of a taboo nowadays, in contrary to death, though that is becoming less and less a taboo.  Sex is not dirty, death isn't either, it's just that they find it difficult to talk about it properly.  And as to sex, some people feel guilty they are enjoying it.

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:) I can feel the anger in you by reading your spelling mistakes :)

Gepost door: CyCo | 09-07-03

indeed :) that's right!!! you're a smart boy...

Gepost door: bla | 11-07-03

yep. You're absolutely right.
Ik voel de dood ook niet aan als een taboe;
dood hoort bij leven-en is leven taboe?Toch wel niet,denk ik.Bovendien:vaak zonder dood geen nieuw leven in de natuur-
sex hoort ook bij het leven,creëert zelfs het leven, net als de dood.

leven,dood,sex-alledrie verwant,dus hopêlijk zien meer en meer mensen in dat geen van de drie een taboe-onderwerp hoort te zijn.

Gepost door: Karen | 07-08-03

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