I need a break.

Saturday evening Ruben and me went talking to his parents, cause they didn't want to go to the Youth Advice Centre to talk with us.  I felt that needed to be done, Ruben was scared of the consequences though.  Nobody - none of the two sides - reached a thing, but eventually I think it has been the best thing we could do on that momennt, and there were no bad consequences  anyway, unless the fact that I ended the discussion by crying and hyperventilating for half an hour.  Pretty dumbest thing that could happen to me, huh?  I couldn't help it, I was under too much tension and it brought me on the verge, though his parents stayed polite and stuff.  I felt sick the whole evening, I mean, this wasn't needed to happen.  I felt very idiotic, hyperventilating and stuff.
Anyway, after all, well though the talk didn't get us anywhere, I still think it was a good thing to do.  And after talking to them I realize even more that he'll just have to break with his parents, so by acting that childish she will eventually lose her son.  His parents are so conservative and not willling to discuss quite normal things or not even the consequences of this absurd behaviour.
So, Ruben is going away for ten days with his parents, because they find him too babyisch to stay home alone, which off couse isn't true because I would't have fallen in love with a babyish guy.
I knew it already, but now his mum spoke the words to me.  She can't and won't ever give her aproval of our relationship, because - the stupidest thing indeed - I am so much older than her son.  I mean, I'd say to her that she should get used to it and if she decides not to, then she should just back off.  She also claimed that he's much less creative than before, because he spends most of his time here.  Ok, is he condemned to be creative?  People's intrests change and anyway, did she ever think that maybe he comes to me so much because he might indeed like me?  She also said that she had a path in mind her son needed to go along with, and now he is walking beside it because he is dating me.  Enough of this shit, I think you get the situation.
But, whatever  happens, it just makes our love stronger.  And, for the next while we'll try to stay calm and relax and enjoy the holiday.
- End of plea -

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O.o You seem to be so convinced that you and Ruben will get through this together, but you shouldn't forget mums (or dads, or both) have a lot of power over their children. However, I hope Ruben does choose you, but I can imagine for him it is not an easy situation. Even though there has been a lot of friction lately between him and his mum (namely his mum not approving of your relationship (because you are too old! Ugh, what a stupid reason!) I am sure he still likes his mum in a way, simply because she is his mum. I hope you and Ruben get to stay together, and get to find that nice place of your own but most of all, just follow your hearts...

Gepost door: Lena | 07-07-03

keep going It's pretty obvious what the real reason for the dissaproval of the wicked mother-in-law is. The age-difference is a pretty lame excuse (5 years difference is nothing!). 'Not being creative' is even lamer... it's pretty obvious why he's not busy being creative... he's pretty busy being in love! Which is kinda common for sixteen-year-olds.
Just hang in there. Be strong. It (she) will pass.

Gepost door: Poepli | 07-07-03

Ouders?! Mijn ouders verschillen zelf ook vijf jaar. Dus dat is echt wel belachelijk als Rubens moeder daarover struikelt. Maar goed, ik kan alleen maar zeggen dat jullie niet mogen opgeven en dat jullie relatie uiteindelijk mag overwinnen.

Gepost door: Jonas | 07-07-03

go for it! ik ben een meisje van Rubens werk,en weet da je heel veel voor hem betekent.Ikzelf heb 4 jaar geleden (ben nu 17) in dezelfde situatie als Ruben verkeerd, ik was samen met een jongen van 18 , mijn ouders stelden me voor de keuze af met lief of buiten!Op die leeftijd had ik toen veel te verliezen,ik heb het 2 maanden volgehouden om nergens naartoe te mogen gaan,maar langer hield ik het niet meer uit.
Nu zou ik het anders gedaan hebben,maar nu ben ik alweer zoveel ouder,ik weet zeker dat ruben sterk genoeg is,om ervoor te gaan!
en didi laat het je een troost zijn, toen heb ik die jongen voor 4 jaar moeten laten gaan,maar nu ligt hij al 1jaar in mijn armen,en ben ik er volgens mijn ouders "wel klaar" voor..dus go for it!

Gepost door: Stefientje | 08-07-03

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