I will be the first.

Johan braught up an excellent idea.  Next week, my mum, Ruben and me should go the police and make a statement that we won't do any illegal stuff and when he's here, it's his own free will.  And then, the police may come to get him, but we could then legally prove what has happened.  Johan also gave me a phone number, where they give juridical advice on the phone.  Johan is also trying to inform in as many services as possible.
Today I got annoying migraine, because I was upset because of that stupid mother he's got.  I was angry, I could have exploded.  I swear that if she were here, I would have shouted to her.  I was trembling of anger.  And she simply rejected to go talking to the Youth Advice Centre with us.  It is obviously bad will of her side.
It is all going to be so bad and his mum idn't even ashamed in it, while she holds all the lines.  Two things: or she does not care about her family, or she doesn't look at what the consequences can be.   I know it's not the first one, it'is the second, but she even doesn't want to talk about the concequences that might be.

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