I'm going to break the law, and I like it.

Tomorrow night, Ruben is coming to stay the night with me - with or without the permission of his parents.  Thet 's legally kidnapping I'm going to do.  That indeed is a ridiculous law.  The worst that can happen is that his mum and the police come to take him home again.  Either way, if the police comes or if he gets permission to stay, it's both in our advantage anyway, but I bet she'll give Ruben permission against her so-called principles.  Whatever those principles might be: she claims that it's not decent to stay with his girlfriend.  That's schrieking!  Agains us having sex there is nothing she can say or do about it, because from 16 on 'kids' are aloud to have sex.
Tuesday we went to the Youth Advice Centre, and they totally agreed witth our arguments.  We talked about all the troubles with his mum, and they stated that things must go how it's best for us, no matter if she's for or against our relationship and whatever she does and say.
So, that is very ok for me!

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