Say you, say me, say it forever...

Do you know that burden of life: finding a partner to spend your whole life with?  That's a burden I don't have anymore, because I'm so sure of it: I've already found my one true and big love.  I realize it very well that I'm so lucky to having found it already, that I don't have to worry ever again about finding the one for me.  I know that lots of people of my age still are seeking that, and I feel incredibly blessed.  I still remember the many nights I spend crying because I could have never believed to have found  tha happiness Ruben gave me.
We're only almost five months together, that may seem a bit little, but I just know that feelings don't lie.  I have the tenderest, most charming, most romantic, most enchanting and the most beautiful love one could only imagine.  And every day I still spend a moment that I am  so amazed and blessed to have found my master dream.
This is not just amorousness, but this is the real affection.  And it's better than one could have dexcribed me.  This is a love like moon that is reflected by the stars as eyes of the entire universe.  I feel like I am the universe, because my stars or my feelings are so endless, I can't even comprehend it myself.  It feels like putting on an endless smile, like happily soaking in the rain and feeling every single drop on your naked skin...

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Happy I'm happy for you :)

I for myself am still looking for that 'special one'... well, not really searching, i still believe love is something that happens, not something that can be 'found'

Gepost door: Robbedoeske | 03-07-03

true that happening is what i mean but i found it better to explain what i feel with the terms searching and finding
i agree that love is something that happens, but i mean that it happened to me and that i shouldn't worry anymore, because i already have it
i hope you'll find the same happiness someday
-x- :)

Gepost door: didi | 03-07-03

Mmm... Goh... kmoest fjes bloze toen dak da las... :o) kwou graag iet moois commente ma kvin gen woorde... kan dinge ni zo goe zegge als jij... kzie je echt heel graag didi

Gepost door: rub | 03-07-03

... I totally agree! (En nu ga ik weer in 't Nederlands beginnen)
En het doet er niet toe hoe lang je samen bent met iemand. Je kan er 5 jaar een relatie mee hebben, als de liefde er niet is ben je er niks mee. Zolang je maar gelukkig bent (en dat ben jij duidelijk wel :)).
'k ben blij voor je didi. :) Ales

Gepost door: AleZ | 04-07-03

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