I believe in miracles.

Awesome.  Can't find another word to describe today...
Ruben and I spent a fantastic picknick at the channel.  The sun was shining, it was very hot over there this noon.  And tthe place was so beautiful and silent.  Just the best spot to have a romantic picknick.
This afternoon we spent in his house, his room, his bed.  He's got an incredible endurence.  Every woman should be satisfied by him, but I'm so lucky because he's only mine.  And I love him mre than anyone has ever loved someone before.  He's all mine and I'm all his.
In the evening, I helped him to cook some spaghetti and stuff for us.  It was nice.  We ended up with a great Amaretto for booth of us.
When we came back to my house, we went to my room and well, Ruben was quite tipsy.  Though he drunk less than me and my glass was finished first.  But for the rest of the night, he was great fun.
We ended up in some sort of emotional conversation.  The bottom line is that we'll always love eachother.

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You made it happen

Believing is one thing... but doing it is just another thing !

So, believe me, Jodi, you made the miracle happen. It was both your achievement, and that's why it can and most certainly will happen and happen again.

May your two hearts and soul be happy like this forever


Gepost door: aSchwarzie | 30-06-03

wtf !!! Wadde ??? This f*ck*ng poster doesn't interpret html ???? Aaaaarrrgghhh
Sorry for the ugly post, Jodi ! You'll have to read between the lines :-D

Gepost door: aSchwarzie | 30-06-03

"I believe in miracles, you sexy thing"... Just couldn't stop humming that soung... so I found the link with the lyrics for you... and some cool hottie chick too (pleasure for a male's eye only I guess)


Gepost door: aSchwarzie | 30-06-03

I believe in miracles. "some sort of emotional conversation" => Ik was ni zat eh, kmeende wel wak zei :o) ma echt, kvond vree mooie middag gister, khoop da er nog veel zo gaan volge...

Gepost door: rub | 30-06-03

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