This medication truly is wonderful.  I'm going to lower my dose, though I already take half a dose.  We'll see if the good effect continues.  And I'll probably be less sleepy too.  But already after a few days the effect is better than anyone could have convinced me of.  The best medication anyone could have.   And I am so disappointed in the doctors that none of them gave me the idea of trying this out.
Two days ago I got a letter that stated that I aam disabled no longer.  That was schrieking!  I sit in a wheelchair, who would ever think I am disabled, maybe an idiot like me.  Damn papers, I wonder if I should send them a picture of me.  Unbelievable.
Well, people already know I am kind of jealous.  It is absolutely not that I don't want him to have fun.  It's more that I feel co-dependant of him.  I'm even dependant on him just to have fun myself.   That's why I need him around as much as possible.

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hey *** I was facinated reading your blog. Your stories remind me so much of that girlfriend I had a year ago. She had a very rare disease making it sometimes very difficult for her to walk or simply to feel good. The mediaction made her feel tired too. Also the 'damn paperwork' sounds very familiar. My girlfriend couldn't continue school and had to fill papers and do interviews to prove this. She found it very humiliating to 'prove' that she was ill.
In the meantime I'm listening to Werchter, live on Skynet :-)
Keep on blogging!

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