Make her come to her senses.

I hate feeling so relaxed so that I'm not able to feel any emotion.
I think I'm going psychotic, I almost fell asleep again next to Ruben this night.  It felt like ten days I had to wake up.  It would feel so very blissful when I actually may fall asleep in his arms and stay there all night long.  It's like I have a lack of concience of reality.
I sleep so very deep lately.
Ruben's mum is being extremely difficult towards their family's holiday and our relationship-stuff off course.  Time to act and really do something against it, I suppose.  It is so mentally fatiguing fighting against her.  I don't know what to write about it, I really don't want to think of it.  I'm so sick of hearing about her.  What should I do, I don't know anymore.  He even is forbidden to stay the night with me, while sex already has happened.  Goddamn, he's not a baby.  All of her attitude towards us is sickening.  You couldn't i:magine how babyish this all feels like.
I'm going to my lonely bed now.  Sleep well.

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