We'll marry on his 18th birthday.

We went to the mutuality, the doctor and to an immo office.  We sort of will be the first of renters when we move in that studio.  It looks great, bu it  won't be finished before the first of September.  They have the rooms, but they should still place the kitchen and the bathroom and stuff.  That's good, so it'll be new furnitured and stuff.  Right in the centre of Aalter, it couldn't be better.  And cat are aloud!  Sounds incredible.
The mutuality is ok too.  The man is so nice, he made me think of cute Bert Anciot.
At the doctor I got the prescriptions I needed, forgot to ask one thing though, but that's not so important actually.  I started that Barclofen or Lioresal muscle relaxant tonight.  Quite anxious to see it work.  Is it possible that I already feel a bit less tension?  Anyway, I hope my first medication ever is going to be alright.
Ruben and me had a great park-moment too!
Anyway, his mum is still friendly to me, but at home it must be terrible for Ruben.  How can she even think or believe she's going to get her own way?  Does she want to see her son unhappy?  I'm never going to give up on him, neither is he going to give up on me.  We love eachother and nobody or nothing is ever coming between that.

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Congratulaaaaations !!! Hey Jody &Ruben !

I hope I'm the first one to congratulate you on such great news :-) !
As your love will last for ages and ages, it's never too soon to make it happen !

I wish you both an infinitely strong, everlasting happiness.

Gepost door: aSchwarzie | 25-06-03

Feel sexy today !? Yeessssss ! Feeling sexy is always ... kewl ! ... or hot !?!? lollllll

Hey Jody, what about changing your pic according to your mood ?
This might skyrocket your audience even more than anticipatable ;-)

I know, I know, you're already a (twinkle twinkle) little's star !

Gepost door: aSchwarzie | 25-06-03

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