Going to explode.

There is no way my brain works right now.  I feel so tired.  I almost fell asleep for ten times in Ruben's arms.  On the one hand this lame feeling doesn't feel so bad, so very much relaxed.  On the other hand, too relaxed to feel alive enough.  Quite nice to feel so braindead.
Oh, well, there should be days like this I guess.   Days when things don't seem to go as right as they normally would.
That thing with Ruben's mum is starting to get on my nerves.  So she said to him that she only is friendly to me because she feels forced by him.  Great!  Now I really feel like enjoying myself over there.
Ruben feels like running away very much, and tomorrow before noon he is going to talk to Mia again.
Sometimes it just would be so much easier to siply have all my feelings cut off.  Sometiùes it feels so terriblee to have feelings.  I get on my nerves too.  I often have the urge to be a sleeping beauty, and when I wake up everything would be alright.

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Be careful... ... especially when taking those medicines that stone you this way ! It looks so strong, from what you've told ! Maybe are you having too much of it, whatever the doc says -- check a second time :-)

But definitely you're right ! How nice it would be to lay down and wait as a sleeping beauty that the charming prince comes to drop a gentle kiss on your lips !

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