Exams finished, trouble starts.

Ruben passed for his exam in the musicschool.  Afterwards we enjoyed ourselves being together.  Then he got home, and well, that his mum is a bit against our relationship is nothing new.  But ok, she treats her oldest son like a baby, he's 16.  I mean, what's her damn problem?  Whatever she does, I won't be getting any younger and Ruben won't stop loving me because of whatever she says.  The more stupid things she does or says, the more I dislike her attitude in general.  Well, she does what she want, but I just know that it wont turn out the best for her.
(Ruben is here, I'll finnish later)

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! Age does NOT matter! Ik vind het zo belachlijk als iemand gaat janken over de leeftijd. Oké, jullie schelen 5 jaar. En dan? Als jullie elkaar graag zien, dan is dat nu eenmaal zo en daar kan niets of niemand iets aan veranderen. Die moeder moet dat maar accepteren. Age ain't nothing but a number.
Laat niet op uw kap zitten didi! :)

Gepost door: AleZ | 24-06-03

How on Earth could age be relevant ?? I only have one thing to add to AleZ (who incidently stole my words but that's okay for *this* time :-) and that is : age doesn't matter, it is not relevant : being young is only a mind spirit ! And a know more than a couple of pals & gals *significantly* older --in their lives, attitudes, relationships ... i.e. capabilities as human beings-- than their *own parents* !

Just let her brag... if she loves her kid like an independent individual, she's gonna love *you* sooner than she expects ;-)

Gepost door: aSchwarzie | 25-06-03

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