My mum has no other argument than this one.  And she keeps on repeating it, fight after fight, and she believes it too.  She claims I don't accept myself being in a wheelchair.  Has anyone ever heard me complaining of being in this wheelchair?  I don't think so.  The fact that she keeps on repeating it, it makes me think that maybe she is the one who doesn't accept her daughter having a progressive disease and needing a wheelchair.  But her acceptance of me doesn't matter to me anymore.  I just wish she'd shut her big mouth.  All that matters to me is the fact that I completely accept myself, it's only somewhat harder to deal with it's progressiveness, it's harder but not insummountable, and I deal with that too alright.  And, by the way, there is nobody with some progressive disease that would state that progressiveness is easy.  But anyway, dealing with progressiveness has not a lot to see with accepting your disease.
My eyes are progressive too, does that bother her?
Hell, even she has prejudices about me.  She'd better face it.
But, anyway, I want to move out this summer and when I do, she can do whatever she wants, it won't bother me anymoe.  I'm fleeing.

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WIIIIIIIIII :o) Congratulations to the webmistress, from now on this blog has more hits than Blogforce, this means: Twinkle twinkle little star is the blog that has the most visits!

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1896 Hoi Didi

Ruben is me natuurlijk al voor geweest om je te feliciteren. Maar weet je dat je met 1896 hits momenteel de drukstbezochte blog van de hele blogosfeer hebt.

Ik moet het momenteel met een povere 37ste plaats en 375 bezoekjes stellen :-(


Patrick aka Librarian

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Mes félicitations! GEFELICITEERD! jouw blog is dan ook de beste blog...

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Acceptance indeed Yes Jody, you made the point exactly !

From what you write I do have the same perception : it's your mother who seems to suffer from an acceptance problem, while at the same time I can understand how difficult seeing her daughter perishing. She somehow mus feel as powerless as you are... but that doesn't give her the right to be almost "persecuting" you like that, as if it was your fault.

Your testimony reminds me of some cases from Dr Janov's book titled "the Primal Cry". Did you read that one ? it gives some hints and explanation of how people can get rid of their suffering caused by their parent's guilt (or generally speaking nevrotic behaviour).

So it's also good to hear that you're more and more stepping away from her behaviours, being lesser and lesser affected by them.

And, again, you're right : the major point is that you have totally accepted yourslef --otherwise simply living becomes impossible-- and that you're dealing with the progressiveness as it comes.

I wish your mother (but not the only person) could learn some lessons of courage and abnegation from you !

I whish you the best, Jody.

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