Unexpected half-annoying day.

Well...  Quite a... oh well, can't find the right word to describe it.  Anyway, Ruben came after his exam, everybody happy and stuff.  After a little hour the door rang.  I never expect anyone but Ruben and I have no local friends of my age with who I hang out, so, basically, I had no idea at all who it was.  Turned out it were Ruben's classmates.  Arian and Anneleen.  I know arian, so I don't mind at all when he comen.  Anneleen, I don't know her and I don't it's necessary  for me to know her and for her to see me.  It's only a week ago that Ruben told her something I wanted her to know, namely that I don't want to see her before we accidentally bump in to eachother because I don't want to be qualty-checked and so.  I don't think Arian knew about that and anyway, about him I find it really nice he came, and I even think that I wouldn't mind if he passed by with someone I didn't know.  But it was her, she wanted to see me anyhow and I didn't, and she still came though she knew.  I don't like to forced, certainly not concerning seeing her...  She was mostly talking to Ruben anyway and mostly about things about school, things tgat I couldn't talk about.
Secondly, there was an other visit, and this time solely for Ruben, it was Thomas off course.  He was trying to convince Ruben of something.  But anyway, he shouldn't even come around here only for Ruben (unless if I agree, not for me either).  I mean, Ruben doesn't live here, he just spends most of his time here.  Like I'd go to someone's house if I wouldn't know them, just because I'd want to see if my friend was there..
I wish that for once someone would ring the doorbell, just to say :  Hello Jody, how are you?  But since I don't have any local friends of my age, that won't be a thing to come.
But our afternoon was great and retty hot too, we went to the Italin for dinner and we completed the evening with an emotional chat.
Life's hard, making some decisions are hard too, that's something to sleep about, I think.
Sweet dreams.

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