About the suffocating.

Ruben is coming for the day, yesterday I changed my mind again, so he could come over but it was ok.
I wish to point my readers out that this is my personal journal, so I'll write ebout what I want to, and no, I won't keep my opinions to myself.
It's kind of true about the suffocating.  But well, I can't change that and moreover, I don't even want to change that.  I realize that it scares some people off, but I think that I wouldn't be myself anymore otherwise.  And so I can only be with someone who doesn't mind that my love will keep controlling my life.  I don't mind either, as long as he doesn't leave me.  I'd do anything with a pleasure.  I'd even be happy to be his puppet on a string.
It seems to be obvious to others that we love eachother, that's good, because it is so true.

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