Puppet on a string.

Why should it always be me?  Why do I always have to give in?  Why should I be weak because of my love for Ruben?  If I think he shouldn't come, but if he wants to come anyway, I always give in.  A while ago he sms-ed he couldn't come when he said, I replied that he didn't have to bother coming at all.  He replied and said that he will call me later today, but I don't want to hear him either.  I know that he will want to come tonight, and I also know that I'd better not give in.  And if he is still going away tomorrow afternoon, then I don't want to see him any sooner than tomorrow evening.  It's hard for me not to give in, but my love for hi makes me going along with wat hever he wants.  I could even say that he neutralizes my opinion all the time.  If this will go on much longer I think that the relationship will be history.  Not that I want that, but I really hate the things that ARE and things that AREN'T going on right now.

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first heya, this is my first reaction around here.I wanted to react more, but i have so much lack of time.Therefore my diary isn't updated since long either! In this entry you describe a fear though i have with cara. She does everything i like and seems to like everything i like. i don't mind that at all, but i want to have her her own opnion.I want her to be able to say no to me and i want her to be able to do her own things. In the past i have been too pushy sometimes, i think it suffocated some of my girlfriend. Cara actually seems to like it, i expressed this fear of me to her and she doesn't mind at all. Still i don't want it to happen that some day she has enough of it. Well, to come back to your entry..i really think you have to talk about things that bother you..or tell the other person when you feel suffocated. Else irritations will crop up and get bgger and finally burst out. That happened to me before..and i can see u2 really love each other and you should cherish what you have. That is all i had to say..davy

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Puppet on a string Sorry, ik heb echt mijn best gedaan. De voorbereiding voor het examen morgen heeft langer geduurd dan gepland, langer dan ik wou.
Ik heb da voor morgenmiddag afgezegd op school, ik kom vanals tmondeling gedaan is, zoals beloofd.
Ik begrijp hoe beu het is dajje altij moe toegeven om mij toch te laten komen als je da ni wil. Ma ik weet dajje soms dingen anders wil dan je ze zegt, en ik probeer te doen wa ik denk da tbeste is voor je. Ik geef ook dingen toe, da weet je. kDenk da het soms nodig is om dingen opzij te zetten voor elkaar, om dingen toch toe te geven. Maar ni altijd, je hebt gelijk. Het spijt me, ma ik kon ni anders vandaag, ik wil nog altij komen vanavond, ma als je ni wil is da ok...

When the night has been too lonely,
And the road has been too long,
And you think that love is only
For the lucky and the strong...

Kzie je graag Didi **********

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