Haven't really slept that well, but that has nothing to do with waking Ruben up at 6 AM.
I'm thinking of last night and Ruben.  We had some great time together.  Because I, for once, was so cheerful, it would have been quite stupid to waste that by talking about our problem of the holiday to come.
By tonight my cheerfulness will have calmed down, so we'll try and talk about it tonight.
I love him, I wish he were so small that I could put him in my pocket (ok, you have a point there, I'd wear more clothes) so that I could give him a kiss every minute.

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(8) Twinkle twinkle... :o) I don't want to be that small... I feel so small already when I'm with you ;o) But I'd like to have a kiss every single minute!

Mmm... the music made me sing :oD

Gepost door: rub | 18-06-03

WOOOOOW Okay I'm really singing now *****************

Gepost door: rub | 18-06-03

twinkle twinkle little star... hey jody... Ik vroeg me af vanwaar jij dat mooie liedje hebt gehaald! Ik vind het zoooooo ... mooi X

Gepost door: els | 18-06-03

... Heb het al gevonden!!!!

Gepost door: els | 18-06-03

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