The wow-feeling!

I sent a mail to proximus to ask them something - it was a while ago since I mailed them - and well, they called me up, again.  I'm famous at proximus :)!
And I just saw that my journal is promoted on the homepage of Skynet, the title is Twinkle twinkle little star!  Skynet is my internet provider.  I'm all excited about it, so it must be that my journal is fascinating, like I said before :).  Right?

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woooow! oh das tooooooooooo cool gewoon :o)
mmm... zou je manier van promoten der voor iets tussezitte of ist door de "hot parts".. :oP
straks leest heel skynet mee...

Gepost door: rub | 17-06-03

Yes! Your journal is fascinating indeed! And it's so natural! Keep on writing!!!!

Gepost door: Principessa | 17-06-03

hi there aren't u thegirl that knows ellen cuypers or am i wrong?

Gepost door: didi | 17-06-03

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