Is the world going nuts, or is it just me?

My music is on repeat, it's They're coming to take me away ha-haa.  After listening for a while that song, you really go freaking out.  I like doing things that keep me at the border of insanity.  That's just so fascinating.
If Ruben may be going on a holiday, I can go on a holiday too sometime.  I mean, I'm not going to adapt to his family's plans.  If they are going whenever they please, I'll do whathever I want too.  I don't always want to be the one that always is here whenever one needs me.  Well, people will have to live with that from now on.  I have a way of wanting things too.  Especially when I'm drawn to one corner and feel that I have to obbey the 'orders' of other people, I like doing just the opposite.  So, just take my advice and live with it!  The only problem is finding someone who is willing and cunning to go with me.  I guess Davy is going to spend his summer with Cara, and I don't think Heidi will find the money, we'll see.
Ruben asked if he could stay here in August.  His mum said that he had to ask that to Mia whether that's normal or not.  Quite funny.  I mean, a mum sshould make decisions by herself about the raising of her child.  This sentence is quite ridiculous because it seems like she's giving her responsability about raising away to Mia.  Maybe something to think about.

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javascript Hey, your javascript just crashed one of my browsers.
It looks rather weird to me, 'cos the FONT-SIZE: 8pt you want to change
is in your own content (or is that an artefact of the text editor? I only use the simple editor)

Gepost door: Dog of Flanders | 16-06-03

you again? :o) hi dog of flanders, i think we already met, it was about a dairy, remember? :o)
i did the javascript here... :o$ :o)
can you please tell me what browser it made crash?

Gepost door: grotesmurf | 16-06-03

Ah yes. Uh. Umh. I just noticed its labeled 1.0 Beta 2 (v74)
anyway, why not put the correct fontsize in the content to begin with?

Gepost door: Dog of Flanders | 16-06-03

Tripping Yo! I could find the cash if I want, but I prefer to spend it on other things right now. I wish I had loads of it and loads of time!

My life-sentence :o/ from now on: Don't let your luck depend on anyone else than yourself!

Gepost door: Cordelia* ;o) | 17-06-03

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