As mental as can be.

What the hell is happening to my mind?  It's not usual, it just is mad.  I think things, I do things and I dream things, but I always seem to miw these up, so it's difficult for me to make a difference between reality and illusions there.  This is the most difficult thing for me.  I always seem to contradict myself, but in real it's just that I change my mind.
I keep on dreaming of our house, our garden, our children...  It just has got to come true.
I said that Ruben is hot?  Sorry, I was mistaken, he's INCREDIBLY hot!  I love him, I can't say it enough and it still doesn't express the feelings I'm feeling for him.  I want to squeeze him so tight.  I got it!  I WANT HIM TO BE MY BLANKET.
Today I got a mail of someone who read about me on my site.  He asked me, since I am half Scottish, whether I write in English to keep some distance from myself or whether it is because it's easier expressing feelings in English.  Keeping distance from myself is absolutely not the case.  In contrary, I want to approach myself as much as possiible.  So, indeed, it is because (for me) it is easier to express my feelings in English.  And since I love feeling feelings of all kinds, I love to express them in the most beautiful way.

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... (8) I heat up... I can't cool down... ;oP

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