I've been busy reasearching babynames that I like, and would probably consider giving my child.  There still are names in my list that I prefer over others.  The names that I found today are:

  • Chandra = moonlight, girl
  • Luna = the moon, girl
  • Shashi or Shashini = moonlight or belonging to the moon, girl
  • Astra = star, girl
  • Amber = the amber gemstone and it's color, girl
  • Margot = pearl, girl
  • Ruby = the red gemstone, girl
  • Alana = precious, girl
  • Ariana = silver, girl
  • Auriel = gold, girl
  • Manon = a French, nickname of Madeleine and Marie, girl
  • Morgan = Celtic, a Welsh expression meaning "circling sea", girl 
  • Cody = Celtic, a Gaelic expression meaning "helper", girl or boy
  • Dylan = Celtic, a Welsh expression meaning "son of the sea", boy
  • Mona = Celtic, a Gaelic expression meaning "dignified", girl
  • Laurie = an English name meaning "the Laurel shrub", girl
  • Beau or Bo and Belle = a French expression meaning "handsome", boy and girl
  • Amy = an Old French expression maening "beloved one", girl
  • Hope = based on the English word, wishful anticipation or expectation, girl
  • Ilaria and Ilario = it's source is Hilarius, the male Latin name for "cheerful", girl and boy

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Babynames, a selection :o) First of all, those I don't like that much ;oP

> Shashi (makes me think about "sushi", but Shashini on the other hand is alright!)
> Margot (my mother would have called my sister like that, don't like the name since lo)

And as I promised, my favourites, those I really like:

> Amber (you knew that)
> Chandra (sounds great, and it means "moonlight")
> Cody (although it looks like your name, could lead to confusing situations :o)
> Alana (same great sound as Chandra, think I like A's)
> Luna
> Morgan (I rather like it in French => Morgane, what do you think?)
> Belle (this is already French :o)

There are some very special sounding names, and the pretiest of them I really never heard before.

But... if you make a list like that, can you mention if it's a boy's name or a girl's name? :oD I mean, sometimes it was obvious but... well yeah, Cody => g or b? Or both? :o) But I do like the name! ;o)

Big hug, my sweetie (k)

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