I am sick of being ready to die, how about being ready to live?

Anneleen (still don't know her, and don't plan to know her very soon - and no, I haven't got anything against her AT ALL, but like everybody knows I am an incredible difficult and annoying person), anyway she wanted to come over just to say hello, I was eating so I answered no (and more, I wasn't fullly dressed and my looked like a mee, why you ask, well naturally because Ruben had played with me :)).  I only wish she'd just wait till we meet accidentally, like last week when we bumped in to Thomas.  Maybe Ruben'd better tell her I said that.  I don't know.  I am unlike others are, I'm not social, I'm a bit scared of people to tell the truth.  If I want to, and that doesn't happen often, to meet someone I will make it more than clear and when I don't to I will make it more than clear also.  But, act ually, I can't think of any reason why she has to see me.  I'm not a present handed from one person toanother.  And I don't need a quality-check I think.    Others would then say I'm crazy.  I let them.
This afternoon we wer lying in bed, naked and suddenly we heard two girls shouting to Ruben.  I think it needs no further explanation why didn't go outside to have a chat with them :).
And by the way, we found our favorite position - that is, up to now - it's a bit difficult, but definately worth it, especially when you felt the result.  It's quite hot.
We also keep on making plans for after the exams and during the summer's holiday.    It is going to be so fantastic.  But I keep on trying to figute out how I should move to Gent though.
Oh, in case I forgot to mention: Ruben's mum didn't want to talk, so I guess this isn't going to work out like I hoped it would.

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