Trying to find me.

2003-06-11 - 21:42

Well, I'm boring, my life is boring, so boring I'll be getting depressed of it. I'm feeling so bored. Lately I've been feeling ok, that means: less severe dea th wishes, not feeling that stupid and worthless. I'm getting pretty sick of feeling "ok". Feeling "ok" makes my creativity go away. Feeling "ok" makes me feel normal, it makes me feel like being just one in six miljard, it makes me feel not unique, not special and so. Feeling "ok" makes me feel like all others. It makes me feel useless and lazy. I have the feeling though I'm going to feel a lot different by tomorrow. Well, it's time to act like me again. I already feel a little bit like me again. I'm fascinated by me already. I can't stand being somene else than me, I get on my nerves.

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