Night falls fast.

I called my sweety up and he told me I was ten minutes too late, lolz.  I'm going to wake him up tomorrow morning at 6, by a call off course.  When his exams of that day are finishe, we're going to eat something in my house.  And he's going to frie an egg)  Yes, I really want to be there when he does that :).  Anyway we're going to spend the whole afternoon together, and probably also the evening.  I think it'll be nice and sunny again, maybe we can try out the new pool (I won't mention the word swimming in front of it, because for that it is just a bit too small.
I think I'll make my way too my bed, just to think a bit and also, I am a bit tired and well my alarm will go off at six, but anyway, waking people up is quite funny :).

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