It's ours!

2003-06-11 - 11:01
Ruben is such a darling. He's got every feeling I ever wanted a boy to have. He's not even afraid of showing his true feelings to me either. He can cry, he can laugh, I can do so too and we can talk about just anything, you name it. This is so important, I think only few couples trust eachother that completely, it is beautiful when trus t and love embrace eachother that fully. If his mum agrees, we're going to his house Friday afternoon to talk with her to gether. It won't be any easier for me than for her, I can assure you that. Tha JAC said that first Ruben should talk to his mum and then I should come to talk with them. Anyway he tried really hard to talk with her - or more importantly to get through to her, but it didn't go like that a t all, so we almost will have to force her to talk with us and I sincerely hope that she will listen and consider what I'm going to say. I mean, how childissh is it of her to gossip around about me with people to which I'm a total stranger? But, we'll see, but I can't wait much longer because it is annoying to have her controlling a relationship she has nothing to do with.
And for the rest I want to say that he is pretty hot, but I don't mind, no, I don't mind at all :). In fact, I love it :d. It promiwes to be a great and hot :p summer, since I have the house to myself in August. I got a litlle (pretty big for a little one) swimming-pool and we put it next to my table on the terrace. I'm set for the holidays :).
And Ruben is so fantastic, he is really the only person who knows so much about me. I'm really happy I can tell him this stuff, so I can get it off my chest and go sleeping peacefully with him knowing my frightning 'secrets'.
He's got exams now, Monday I called him up to get up and I also made some schemes of his biology to help him. I just love that boy!

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